Safe installation Beaconsfield


Secure Holmes locksmiths have been supplying security safes in the Beaconsfield area for over 40 years.

In the first instance, we would normally establish the correct safe to suit your needs. The main things to consider, when choosing your safe are, the size, the type of locking and the cash value. In an ideal world we would like to bolt the safe down to a solid concrete floor. However this is not always possible with the introduction of underfloor heating etc.

We would then aim to securely bolt to a solid wall on using rear fixing, or try to bolt to a floor joist. Either way we endeavour to make sure that your safe, is installed to the highest standard. Safes come with 3 types of locking. Key, rotary dial (like seen on old James Bond movies) and electronic keypad.

Electronic locking is now the most common form of locking, and very user friendly. Safes are rated by cash value. So if you need to store £40,000 of jewellery, you will require a 4k rated safe. This will also allow £4,000 of cash cover, instead of the Jewellery. If £40,000 isn’t enough cover, then we keep increasing the quality of safe to suit your requirements. Secure Homes locksmiths are happy to come to your property in the Beaconsfield area, to give our expert advise, if you are still unsure on your safe requirements. (click here for more details about our Safe installation service)

We are approved stockists and installers for all the major brands:

Chubb – Churchill – Rosengrens – SecureLine – Securikey – Burton – Dudley

For any Safe installation – Call 07799 640096 – Solutions to every security problem!