Our customer, in Slough, Berks, required a high quality Safe to keep Jewellery and other valuable items.

An underground safe was selected and installed. The images below show how the Safe was installed, step by step.

The images run left to right, top to bottom.

  1. A suitable position for the new Safe is selected
  2. The floor is checked for Water or Gas pipes
  3. The floor is marked out and disc cut using dust extraction
  4. Now for the hard graft! Excavation starts by drilling a series of holes to weaken the concrete floor.
  5. After 12 inches we hit Mother Earth’
  6. We undercut the earth so the fresh concrete will dovetail under the existing floor
  7. A damp proof membrane is rapped around the safe to prevent moisture entering the safe.
  8. The Safe is now in situ, and nicely levelled off with grouting.

Installation of a Churchill £10,000 rated Safe-tile