Secure homes locksmiths fits gate/ outbuilding locks Maidenhead, Marlow, Windsor

Upvc door/window locksmiths Beaconsfield.

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Secure Homes locksmiths replace Upvc door and window handles and furniture. If you are looking to give your doors a facelift, Secure homes Locksmiths can replace Handles and letter boxes. We operate in the Berks and Bucks area.

Secure Homes Locksmiths installs High quality safes in the Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough Area.

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The Installation of a Securikey Mini vault fr £4,000 cash rated safe in Windsor.

Upvc door repairs locksmiths in Marlow, Maidenhead, High Wycombe, Slough, Windsor, Ascot

Secure Holmes Locksmiths have carried out hundreds of repairs/ openings to Upvc and double glazed doors Since 1978. Peter and Scott are very experienced in the non destructive opening of all types of double glazed doors. The manufactures we commonly work with are. Monarch, Anglian, ERA, Union, Yale, Millenco, Ferco, Saracen, Fuhr, Locksmaster, Mila and Fix. We are normally able to diagnose your door fault over the phone, and give you a acurate cost for the repair.

Lovely start to the day! Secure Homes Locksmiths working at a lovely estate in Henley-on-Thames


Secure Homes Locksmiths works for many estate management companies. We offer a wide range services from general lock maintenance to door servicing. Safe maintenance in the Berks and Bucks Area.

Secure homes locksmiths are specialists in Upvc door and window repairs in Maidenhead, Windsor and Marlow.

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Secure Homes locksmiths can fix and repair all types of upvc and double glazed door and window problems in Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead,  Marlow, Beaconsfield and High Wycombe. We a qualified to work on Aluminuim, composite, wooden and Upvc double glazed doors.

Secure Homes locksmiths are pleased to be working with VW windrush on door maintenance and security


Replacing overhead transom door closers for vw windrush in slough

Door maintenance carried out by Secure Homes Locksmiths in the Maidenhead/Windsor Area




Secure homes locksmiths are qualified to work on many types of doors. We maintain many doors for local businesses, schools, doctors surgeries and communal entrance doors. If your door does not close consistently then it might be that your doors needs adjusting on the hinges. Other common problems are that the incorrect door closer has been installed. Secure homes works on wooden, aluminium, steel, glass and upvc doors. The areas we operate in are Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Marlow, Beaconsfield and High Wycombe.

Secure Homes locksmiths secures garage barn doors in slough

IMG_0272 This is a typical garage barn door. It has now been broken into 3 times, loosing hundreds/thousands of pounds of gardening equipment.

IMG_0276With good, heavy duty padlocking bars and padlocks this sort of crime would not of happened.


IMG_0274A fantastic deterent to any burglar.

Safe Removal carried out in Maidenhead by Secure Homes locksmiths



Secure Homes locksmiths are very experianced in the removal and re fitting of high security Safes.